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We all remember ChristChurch Cathedral as a place that people came to worship at from across the city and across the world; it was a place for the hosting of civic occasions and a space that those passing by could come into and enjoy a time of quiet reflection. We are all waiting for this to become a reality again.
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Below are reports which Church Property Trustees have based their decisions on to date. All documents are PDFs which will open in a new window/tab.

Click here for Reports for Synod.


CPT Survey Results (survey conducted in 2017)

A comprehensive survey on the future of the Christ Church Cathedral shows the Greater Christchurch community is almost evenly split on the issue of reinstatement versus replacement. It also shows there is limited support for taxpayer or ratepayer funding of the reinstatement option.

Announcing the results of a survey commissioned by Church Property Trustees (CPT)  today, CPT General Manager Gavin Holley said that the overwhelming message received was that people want something done soon –  a sentiment the Anglican Diocese and Church Property Trustees also share.

“Until now, the public debate on the future of the Christ Church Cathedral lacked robust evidence about informed public preferences, built on a thorough understanding of the consequences of the different options, Holley said.

“There is no evidence of an ‘overwhelming desire’ for the Cathedral to be reinstated, as has been claimed by some parties. Instead, when people are fully informed, their preferences change.

“The ‘informed choice’ result shows the community is almost evenly split on replacement versus reinstatement,” said Holley.

The Survey can be downloaded here.