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We all remember ChristChurch Cathedral as a place that people came to worship at from across the city and across the world; it was a place for the hosting of civic occasions and a space that those passing by could come into and enjoy a time of quiet reflection. We are all waiting for this to become a reality again.
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  • Welcome to a very important conversation.

    Welcome to a very important conversation.

Continuing an important conversation

We all remember ChristChurch Cathedral as a place where people came to worship from across the city and across the world. It was a place for civic occasions and a space where those passing by could come and enjoy a time of quiet reflection. We are all waiting for this to become a reality again.

There is much work to be done to reinstate a Cathedral in Cathedral Square. As the owners of ChristChurch Cathedral, Church Property Trustees is the entity that is responsible for reinstating a Cathedral. In late 2015, with the consent of Church Property Trustees, the Government appointed independent consultant Miriam Dean QC to investigate and deliver a report into the future of ChristChurch Cathedral. This report concurred with the work already undertaken by engineers and quantity surveyors on behalf of the Church Property Trust, and confirmed the cost of reinstating the Cathedral in a form indistinguishable from what it was prior to the earthquakes at $105 million based on a completion timeline of 2022. It also stated that reinstatement would require repair, restoration, and reconstruction. Please click here to find the full report.

Since the release of the findings of this report, Church Property Trustees has formed a working group with the Government to investigate whether the issues of cost and safety outlined in the report are able to be addressed in order to reinstate ChristChurch Cathedral as it appeared prior to the earthquakes. Findings from this working party are expected to be announced by the end of 2016.

This website provides updates from Church Property Trustees and makes available the information upon which Church Property Trustees has made its decisions to date. All decisions have been informed by specialist advice as well as a community engagement process held in April 2013. In total, there were 19,272 visits to the Cathedral Conversations website and 3,819 submissions during the engagement process. Additionally, approximately 500 people attended a series of public forums in Christchurch, as well as one in Auckland. There was also an evening for young adults in the Anglican Church in Christchurch and the Diocesan Synod during this time. These meetings brought forward issues and options for consideration by the Trustees along with material from community members and the advice of architects, engineers and a quantity surveyor.

We wish you grace and peace as you wait with us to see a Cathedral back in Cathedral Square.